Please be careful fake Linkedin page

Please be careful fake Linkedin page

We found fake our company page on Linkedin.

I am a director of Shake Hands (Thailand) Co, Ltd. and I am not recruiting any employees on Linkedin.
If someone is using my company’s name to recruit employees on Linkedin, etc., it’s a fake company.
I also report it when I find it, but it keeps coming up again and again, whether I erase it or not.

Be careful! This is not our Linkedin page.
The following page is a fake information.↓↓↓–ltd-/about/

They maybe steel your private information from this page that recruiting employees.

I don’t have a single member of my company on Linkedin, but why do I have 13 of them?
Someone is using my company name to recruit employees. Please beware of false information.

I reported Linkedin, but they work very slowly. The fake page still alive.

Our Linkedin page is here.


And my private linkedin page.


Thank you

Director of Shake hands Thailand Co., Ltd.
Takeshi Hirano